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Eclipse Console

Posted by Chandan B Kumar on May 15, 2008

Have you ever gotten into a situation where your console output is so large that Eclipse won’t hold? Setting the console buffer size to the maximum (1000000 characters) also did not help. Then, the only thing that can save you now is, redirecting the console output.

Redirecting is pretty easy in Eclipse. Launch the Run window (Run->Open Run Dialog), select the application whose console output you want to redirect and click on the Common tab. Check the “File” checkbox and enter the absolute file name. Check the “Append” checkbox if you want to append to the existing file contents. Restart the application and you are all set. In case if you want to clear the log while the application is still using the log, you can open it in notepad, clear the contents, press OK on the error message, click “Save” and confirm.


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Regex Util

Posted by Chandan B Kumar on May 7, 2008

I wanted to include a section on our project wiki with JadClipse installation. During the writeup, I hit upon this plugin Regex Util. I felt this could be very useful to me. With 9/10 rating, I could not resist from giving a shot. What follows, are the effects of this accident.

The installation was very simple. I just dropped the jar into the plugins folder, restarted eclipse and was all set. I opened the Regex Util view and started writing few REs. I was so amazed at how fast I could write an RE. It has an elegant tooltip feature that displays what the character(s) mean(s), when you hover over the parts of the RE. It will also evaluate and highlight the matching text as you type. Isn’t it awesome? Whether you are newbie or a pro to REs, this plugin is simply indispensable.

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