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FireFox & the drop down menu

Posted by Chandan B Kumar on October 16, 2008

I accidentally discovered a cosmetic bug in FireFox. Though cosmetic, this bug is not easily discoverable. I made a small video of it using CamStudio – Free Screen Recording Software.

I tried doing the samething in Google Chrome and chrome did not respond like FireFox. It refreshed the whole page leaving no trace of the dangling drop down.


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Opening ‘file://’ links in Google Chrome

Posted by Chandan B Kumar on September 16, 2008

As of now there is no add-on/plugin or any settings that can open local links in Google Chrome, not that I know of. I have figured out a work around that can be used to open local links, till Google or somebody comes out with an add-on or a setting. I am sure, the workaround works because of a bug in Chrome. Quite naturally, you can enjoy this workaround as long as the bug is not fixed.

Well, here is the workaround!

Chrome opens the link.  If the link is pointing to a file, Chrome downloads the file. Close the new tab and go back to the tab that contains your local links. Now right click on any of your local links and select ‘Open link in new tab’ and you should be able to open the local link.

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