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IE6 CSS-Rollover Bug

Posted by Chandan B Kumar on May 30, 2008

In the Cúram classic application theme, the out-of-the-box left side navigation menu can pose some risks towards the application performance. This is because of the image rollover effect built using CSS and html.

What happens is, when the user clicks the hyperlink in the navigation menu, the IE Progress Bar stops as soon as the user moves the mouse off the hyperlink. For the user, this appears as though she has not clicked the link properly or the page has completely loaded. Either ways, the user now starts to click the same link twice thrice causing multiple server hits and thus decreasing performance.

Tom Lee has pointed out the same issue and has attempted to provide a solution. His solution would work if only images are used.

My recommendation to Cúram is to knock of the rollover images or use Java Script in place of CSS and html. What is your recommendation?


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