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Cúram pop-ups

Posted by Chandan B Kumar on May 21, 2008

In situations where you want to override the Cúram out-of-the-box pop-up with your custom one, only for a particular occurrence, for e.g. you want to override the date selector pop-up for the domain definition SVR_DATE in a specific page, then Cúram does not provide a clear solution. Below is a workaround for such situations.

As an example, I am using the date-selector pop-up. The Cúram date selector pop-up is a jsp located under …\webclient\CuramCDEJ\lib\curam\web\popups. I would like to override this pop-up with my-date-selector pop-up in the UIM My_TestPage.uim.

1. Create my-date-selector.jsp with your required functionality.

2. Place the jsp under …\webclient\CuramCDEJ\lib\curam\web\popups directory. If you want you can change the location, but make sure the build picks up the file.

3. In My_TestPage.uim, place the following lines of code below the <PAGE_TITLE> element.


4. Build client.


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