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Posted by Chandan B Kumar on May 14, 2008

I was introduced to this wonderful text editor – Textpad, about 6 years back. From then to till date, I think I would have never used a computer that has no Textpad installed. Neither would I have used any other editor as much as Textpad.

Recently when I was working on the database export batch file, I encountered a strange issue which turned out to be a bug. I have reported this bug to Textpad folks and they have acknowledged it. I hope this will get fixed in their future release. Below is the bug and the workaround for it.

1. Quickly type in (programmers read it as “Copy Paste”) the following words in a Textpad document.


2. Press F5 (I am assuming that you have set the “Keystroke compatibility” to “Textpad”) to bring up the “Find” window. Make sure there is nothing put in the textbox, and no check boxes have been checked.
3. Press ESC to close the “Find” window.
4. Double click on the word “SIMPLE” to select the whole word.
5. Press Ctrl+F. It selects the next occurrence of the word “SIMPLE”
6. Press F5 to bring up the “Find” window.
7. Check the checkbox “Match whole words” and click on “Close”.
8. Press Ctrl+F. It selects the next occurrence of the word “SIMPLE”
9. Now select the first occurrence of the word @TEXTPAD
10. Press Ctrl+F. You get the message “Cannot find literal string: ‘@TEXTPAD'”.!!

This bug surfaces whenever a search transitions from alphanumeric to a word with special characters without bringing the “Find” dialog in between the search. The work around is to press F5 after selecting the word with special characters and resuming with your search.


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