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A word of appreciation!

Posted by Chandan B Kumar on November 25, 2005

I was wondering how a small word of appreciation can touch someone so deep. At the time of this incident I was working in Chennai, and used to commute to Bangalore twice in a month by a Train. Most of the times I always had my tickets booked well in advance, but there were incidences where I could not get tickets and had to travel on RAC (Reservation against Cancellation) or by bus. This was mostly during the peak festival seasons and I had no choice other than travel to Bangalore. Travelling by bus was my second option and always tried to get a Train ticket somehow.

During one such instance, I was scheduled to return to Chennai and I went to the Train Station to see if I can get myself a ticket. There was this same person whom I had seen couple of times in the counter issuing Tickets. This guy was very uncooperative and seemed awfully irritated. For him every detail in the form should be right or else reject and move on to the next in the queue. Also, mind you… No Enquires in that counter. Having seen this guy before, I had made myself sure that I miss nothing in the form.

Before me there was another person aged about 55+ standing in the queue. When it was this guy’s turn, he promptly handed over the form to him and asked “Could you please tell me if I can get a ticket?” He checked in his terminal and said …[I don’t remember the exact amount]. The person then asked him to go ahead and book the ticket. After tendering the amount the guy asked him if he can get a return ticket on any day in the week ahead. The person on the other side of the counter was about to direct him to the Enquiry Counter but for some unknown reasons he stopped and looked at the terminal again and replied “YESS”.. He replied “Oh Thank you so much. I had never seen such a cooperative person before in Railways. Thanks again”. The ticketing guy was so overwhelmed with it as if a thirsty person was fed with water. The small appreciation made him so proud. He went to answer couple of more queries for the same person. I was astonished. The very same guy who was so very uncooperative had turned so helpful. A small word of appreciation changed him so much at least temporarily.

I could clearly see the effect of appreciating some one. In our lives many a times we forget to appreciate the near and dear ones. We take them for granted. Appreciation definitely improves their morale, their image, their confidence. Every one needs appreciation. It motivates them to do their work more effectively.

Never forget to appreciate! It pays both – the receiver and the presenter.


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