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My first US experience

Posted by Chandan B Kumar on September 6, 2005

It’s been a while that I posted something here. As blogging is quite new to me I was confused as to what do I write next. Anyways I recalled something today which I would like to share.

Sometime back last year at around the same time, I happened to be in Malvern, PA. My return was scheduled in September and I was packing up for that. Before I leave for India, I thought I will do some kind of social service there. The idea of donating blood just struck me then. I browsed through US Red Cross Society and fixed an appointment with them online. I received the appointment confirmation on my email.

On the day of my appointment, I called in for a cab and was on time there. The person at the reception looked at me and asked, what is your appointment date and time? I gave him the info. He then asked, are you a citizen here? I said no. I am from India. For that he said, “I am sorry. We cannot take blood from you.” He handed over to me a sheet of paper which listed couple of countries; persons visited or citizens of these countries from whom the blood should not be accepted. The welcome and the response from the receptionist was rude as well. I was absolutely taken back with this experience.

At the outset, I don’t understand why they can’t publish these details on their web site. I wouldn’t have registered at the first place then. This act costed me $100 for the cab and my time


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