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FireFox & the drop down menu

Posted by Chandan B Kumar on October 16, 2008

I accidentally discovered a cosmetic bug in FireFox. Though cosmetic, this bug is not easily discoverable. I made a small video of it using CamStudio – Free Screen Recording Software.

I tried doing the samething in Google Chrome and chrome did not respond like FireFox. It refreshed the whole page leaving no trace of the dangling drop down.


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Opening ‘file://’ links in Google Chrome

Posted by Chandan B Kumar on September 16, 2008

As of now there is no add-on/plugin or any settings that can open local links in Google Chrome, not that I know of. I have figured out a work around that can be used to open local links, till Google or somebody comes out with an add-on or a setting. I am sure, the workaround works because of a bug in Chrome. Quite naturally, you can enjoy this workaround as long as the bug is not fixed.

Well, here is the workaround!

Chrome opens the link.  If the link is pointing to a file, Chrome downloads the file. Close the new tab and go back to the tab that contains your local links. Now right click on any of your local links and select ‘Open link in new tab’ and you should be able to open the local link.

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IE6 CSS-Rollover Bug

Posted by Chandan B Kumar on May 30, 2008

In the Cúram classic application theme, the out-of-the-box left side navigation menu can pose some risks towards the application performance. This is because of the image rollover effect built using CSS and html.

What happens is, when the user clicks the hyperlink in the navigation menu, the IE Progress Bar stops as soon as the user moves the mouse off the hyperlink. For the user, this appears as though she has not clicked the link properly or the page has completely loaded. Either ways, the user now starts to click the same link twice thrice causing multiple server hits and thus decreasing performance.

Tom Lee has pointed out the same issue and has attempted to provide a solution. His solution would work if only images are used.

My recommendation to Cúram is to knock of the rollover images or use Java Script in place of CSS and html. What is your recommendation?

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Cúram pop-ups

Posted by Chandan B Kumar on May 21, 2008

In situations where you want to override the Cúram out-of-the-box pop-up with your custom one, only for a particular occurrence, for e.g. you want to override the date selector pop-up for the domain definition SVR_DATE in a specific page, then Cúram does not provide a clear solution. Below is a workaround for such situations.

As an example, I am using the date-selector pop-up. The Cúram date selector pop-up is a jsp located under …\webclient\CuramCDEJ\lib\curam\web\popups. I would like to override this pop-up with my-date-selector pop-up in the UIM My_TestPage.uim.

1. Create my-date-selector.jsp with your required functionality.

2. Place the jsp under …\webclient\CuramCDEJ\lib\curam\web\popups directory. If you want you can change the location, but make sure the build picks up the file.

3. In My_TestPage.uim, place the following lines of code below the <PAGE_TITLE> element.


4. Build client.

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Adobe SVG Viewer

Posted by Chandan B Kumar on May 15, 2008

Now that there is no future development or fixes planned for Adobe SVG Viewer, I am curious to see what Curam is up to. The latest Curam 5.0 major release still relies on Adobe SVG viewer. Per Adobe, the customer support for Viewer will be discontinued on January 1, 2009. However, the Adobe SVG Viewer will still be available for download from Adobe website.

I presume, Curam might continue to rely on Adobe Viewer for some more time and later move on to an alternate viewer. But I strongly feel that they will carry on with the SVG format for all their dynamic graphic needs.

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Eclipse Console

Posted by Chandan B Kumar on May 15, 2008

Have you ever gotten into a situation where your console output is so large that Eclipse won’t hold? Setting the console buffer size to the maximum (1000000 characters) also did not help. Then, the only thing that can save you now is, redirecting the console output.

Redirecting is pretty easy in Eclipse. Launch the Run window (Run->Open Run Dialog), select the application whose console output you want to redirect and click on the Common tab. Check the “File” checkbox and enter the absolute file name. Check the “Append” checkbox if you want to append to the existing file contents. Restart the application and you are all set. In case if you want to clear the log while the application is still using the log, you can open it in notepad, clear the contents, press OK on the error message, click “Save” and confirm.

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@ Textpad

Posted by Chandan B Kumar on May 14, 2008

I was introduced to this wonderful text editor – Textpad, about 6 years back. From then to till date, I think I would have never used a computer that has no Textpad installed. Neither would I have used any other editor as much as Textpad.

Recently when I was working on the database export batch file, I encountered a strange issue which turned out to be a bug. I have reported this bug to Textpad folks and they have acknowledged it. I hope this will get fixed in their future release. Below is the bug and the workaround for it.

1. Quickly type in (programmers read it as “Copy Paste”) the following words in a Textpad document.


2. Press F5 (I am assuming that you have set the “Keystroke compatibility” to “Textpad”) to bring up the “Find” window. Make sure there is nothing put in the textbox, and no check boxes have been checked.
3. Press ESC to close the “Find” window.
4. Double click on the word “SIMPLE” to select the whole word.
5. Press Ctrl+F. It selects the next occurrence of the word “SIMPLE”
6. Press F5 to bring up the “Find” window.
7. Check the checkbox “Match whole words” and click on “Close”.
8. Press Ctrl+F. It selects the next occurrence of the word “SIMPLE”
9. Now select the first occurrence of the word @TEXTPAD
10. Press Ctrl+F. You get the message “Cannot find literal string: ‘@TEXTPAD'”.!!

This bug surfaces whenever a search transitions from alphanumeric to a word with special characters without bringing the “Find” dialog in between the search. The work around is to press F5 after selecting the word with special characters and resuming with your search.

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Regex Util

Posted by Chandan B Kumar on May 7, 2008

I wanted to include a section on our project wiki with JadClipse installation. During the writeup, I hit upon this plugin Regex Util. I felt this could be very useful to me. With 9/10 rating, I could not resist from giving a shot. What follows, are the effects of this accident.

The installation was very simple. I just dropped the jar into the plugins folder, restarted eclipse and was all set. I opened the Regex Util view and started writing few REs. I was so amazed at how fast I could write an RE. It has an elegant tooltip feature that displays what the character(s) mean(s), when you hover over the parts of the RE. It will also evaluate and highlight the matching text as you type. Isn’t it awesome? Whether you are newbie or a pro to REs, this plugin is simply indispensable.

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SUMMER is setting IN!

Posted by Chandan B Kumar on March 2, 2006

Just before I embarked on my new writing TIME MANAGEMENT! I fell sick. I caught a viral fever and was down for nearly a week. A couple of people in my office were down almost at the same time. Bangalore’s weather is changing now. The SUMMER is setting IN!

This weather always makes me feel nostalgic. The cool winds in the evenings and the hot sun, gets me back to my school and college days. The days of SUMMER vacation. I am always surprised about these feelings that are so deep rooted. Every time along with this weather my child hood memories, the feeling of joy, the fun and the care free life returns promptly. Its amazing and I LOVE IT. Good old days that NEVER RETURNS!

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Posted by Chandan B Kumar on February 21, 2006

Of late work at home and office as kept me so busy [I don’t know whether I am really busy or wasting time. Anyways this is the next topic of my blog.] that I hardly spend time blogging or updating my web site or doing something like that. Suddenly yesterday, I realized that everything has become STALE!! No one likes stale things isn’t it. For a successful blog or a web site or anything for that matter, the more fresh it is, the more it sells. Now I am trying to schedule sometime in the day for activities of mine like this. This has given birth to my next topic – ‘TIME MANAGEMENT’. Hoping to see some active fresh things on my site and blog.

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